HEPAKid2 Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

DSR SUPERKID organises a conference on September 24, 2021 in Zagreb (Croatia), WESPA Spaces with start at 18.00H, with the main topic on HEPAKID2 project results. This is the final project conference which will host relevant stakeholders in the field of sport and physical activity at local and national level.  Not least, the conference will host project partners from Municipality of Lousada (Portugal), Slávia Gymnastické Centrum Bratislava (Slovakia), Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota (Slovenia) and Medjimurje County (Croatia). The most important output of the project is the Collection of Good Practices of Physical Activity in Early Childhood, which will be presented during the conference. This event brings the added value to participants as DSR SUPERKID celebrates five years of its foundation. In this regard, participants will have opportunity to see how DSR SUPERKID evolved from a small organization to a leader in the field of sport and physical activity for children.