Sport is a powerful tool for bringing people together, reaching them at international, national, regional and local levels, and developing people-to-people contacts. Cooperation, partnerships and exchanges at the grassroots level inside the EU as well as with non-EU countries can contribute to the development of new skills and positively influence societal changes.

Sport staff members such as coaches, managers or instructors play a key role in sport: by leading and guiding participants, they have an impact on their knowledge, skills, health, well-being and values. They are in a unique position to advance social inclusion, protect integrity, infuse respect for common values, and promote physical activity in all social groups. In order to pursue what is aforementioned, this project consortium will carry out a project with the overall objective to strengthen the international network and exchange good practices in the field of physical activity and early childhood.

The project consortium made of local sport clubs, municipalities and a health centre (from Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia) will implement three main activities in 24 months:

  1. prepare collection of good practices
  2. organise five mobility visits and
  3. a final conference

After the activities end, we expect to deliver a collection of good practices in the field of physical activity in early childhood, five reports on mobility visits and a successfully organised final conference during the European Week of Sport.

As an impact, we expect to improve the knowledge and know-how of staff, exchange good practices and strengthen an international cooperation. In long-term, we expect to improve the overall quality of sport and exercise for children up to 10 years old.

The project will target staff of project partners. Indirect target group are children up to 10 years old who should benefit once the project team starts implementing good practices at local level.


HEPAKid2 Mobility Visits in Murska Sobota (SLO), Cakovec (CRO) & Zagreb (CRO)

On 23rd and 24th of September 2021 the HEPAKid2 project team took part in three mobility visits: Murska Sobota (Slovenia), Cakovec (Croatia) and Zagreb (Croatia). The purpose of mobility visits was to exchange skills, knowledge and practical experience on physical activity programmes for children up to 10 years of age. The first mobility visit was …


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